Introduction for GCRSR Bioinformatics Working Group 

The GCRSR Bioinformatics Working Group (BxWG) was established in 2013. The group is to establish common bioinformatics methodologies among the GCRSR participating countries/agencies to deal with complex data sets derived from emerging technologies for the regulatory decision-making. For that, the group investigates, evaluates and develops bioinformatics approaches for analyzing and managing complex data sets in order to efficiently and effectively support the regulatory science applicable to food and medical products safety. More specifically, the group is to establish international partnerships, particularly scientific collaboration and information exchange through the development of strategies for cross-training and exchanging regulatory scientists and to engage research communities through the workshop and conference to understand standards for reporting and analysis of data. In addition, the group fosters regulatory science research in bioinformatics by assessing research gaps in bioinformatics towards regulatory decision-making, particularly criteria and measures for data integrity, traceability, reliability and reproducibility, and to emphasize fit-for-purpose metrics to apply bioinformatics to process complex data sets , and to implement horizon-scanning approaches for emerging bioinformatics methodologies and to assess their potential impact to the regulatory decision-making.

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