GSRS 2012

2nd Global Summit on Regulatory Science (GSRS12)

May 9-11| Hangzhou, China

“Modernizing Toxicology"

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Presentation Topics:

Welcome and Introductory Remarks 
Modernizing Toxicology - 21st Century Approaches to Address 21st Century Issues 
Research Training as a Tool to Build Regulatory Capacity 
Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA 
An Experience with FDA's International Scientists Exchange Program (ISEP) in NCTR 
Translating Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics to Personalized Medicine 
Toxicogenomics in the Land of Regulation - A European Perspective 
Korean Effort on Modernizing Regulatory Science
High Throughput Next Generation Sequencing Technology and Vaccine Quality Monitoring
The Japanese Toxicogenomics Project: Collaborative Efforts on Developing Open TG-GATEs Database and Creation of Toxicogenomics Biomarkers
A European Perspective on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products
Toxicological Research on Biopharmaceutical in the Past 10 Years in NCSED
Toxicology in India: Current Status and Challenges
Regulatory Aspect on Non-Clinical Safety Assessment of the Development of New Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Modernization and Harmonization of Toxicology; An Approach by Percellone Toxicogenomics
Data Common and Sharing — A Path Towards Advancing Biomedical Science
Role of Chemometrics in Moving Regulatory Science into the 21st Century
Role of Epigenetic Change as a Biomarker for Cancer Prediction - An International Collaboration
Regulatory Science in Latin America
Egyptian Herbal Medicines: An Overview and Recent Applications

Conference Agenda

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